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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Fighting ISIS: The Enemy Gets a Vote

USAF Photo by Staff Sgt. Vernon Young Jr.
Gonna fight a war solely from the air? Well, the enemy you fight will adapt to your limitations, as noted in this Bloomberg article, "Islamic State Dispersing Makes U.S Adapt Targets" by which "adapt targets" means it's harder to find and kill them:
Islamic State terrorists are dispersing and changing tactics to make it harder for U.S. airstrikes to target them, the Pentagon’s spokesman said.

“Yes, they’re blending in more” with the population and “yes, they’re dispersing, and yes, they aren’t communicating quite as openly or as boldly as they once were,” Rear Admiral John Kirby told reporters yesterday at the Pentagon. “That’s a good thing, because if they aren’t operating as freely, then they aren’t as free to achieve their goals.”

The U.S. is “pretty adaptive,” too, and will be patient in choosing targets, in part to minimize civilian casualties, he said. ***
"Pretty adaptive" ain't going to cut it - the OODA loop is getting away from us because of self-imposed limitations on engagement. Being a "one trick pony" makes it easier on the enemy who gets a vote on how to respond to your threat.

If we are going to "beat" these guys, we need to hear the sound of boots on the ground and see the ISIS logistics flow of people, money and weapons disrupted big time.


  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Again Obama has given away his strategy for fighting the war with ISIL then does a timid strike. This has given ISIL the time and opportunity disperse and hide their assets. Good job Mr. President!

  2. Anonymous3:25 PM

    This is where somebody's boots on the ground come in. Ideally, not US. Massing force and taking an existing ISIS position requires them to abandon the position or stand and fight. If they stand and fight they lose without their own air cover to protect. So the US is not sending boots. Are we properly arming the Kurds? That is where the biggest problem is going to be. The US needs to give them what they need.