Thursday, July 02, 2015

Men and Boys: "Sounds Dangerous"

Found myself amused by this PJ Media Parenting post by Tricia Lott Williford,  Finally! Boys Explained: If It’s Fun, Let’s Make It Dangerous:
Little boys fascinate me. I mean really, truly fascinate me. They are fearless. Anything seems possible, and anything is worth trying. They are born with an implicit understanding that it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission. If it’s fun, let’s make it dangerous. Loud is good and big is better. And if you can turn something small and meaningless into something big and loud and powerful? Well, that is really the ultimate victory.
Well, of course.

Ms. Williford must have missed this great bit from the movie The Right Stuff where Alan Shepard is being asked if he is interested in becoming an astronaut:

So, it's not just little boys, you see.

As Ms. Williford's son gets old enough, I suggest Boy Scouts. Knives and fire are sometimes involved, which makes it even funner.


  1. You have highlighted two disappearing distinctions made sublte by Progressivism's mind-numbing, thought-policing attempts to mandate political correctness. Your posting accomplishes this with minimal words, and still comes off in a polite, gentlemanly style. Bravo, EagleSpeak Happy Independence Day!

  2. "Boy Scouts. Knives and fire "
    Sure hope so. The attempts by various lefty types to homogenize the first , to eliminate contact with the second--and probably ban the third as a carbon creating anachronism are making that hope less probable every day.