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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hear the rattle, fear the bite

I always thought rattlesnakes were a North American thing, but perhaps an analogy can be drawn to the Swedish situation vis-a-vis
Russsia, as set out in thsi Aviation Week headline, Russian Aggression Driving Swedish Gripen, Sub Investments:
Sweden’s investment in new Gripen fighters and diesel-electric submarines is being driven forward by increased Russian aggression in the Baltics, the country’s defense minister says.
“We have seen a lot of investments in their [Russian] armed forces, and we have also seen that they are ready to use these capabilities to fulfill their political goals,” Hultqvist told reporters May 17.

“There are more in exercises and intelligence activities on our neighbors. We and the Baltic States feel a level of tension toward Russia.”
...n addition, it will clear the way for the creation of a battle group on the Baltic island of Gotland, with mechanized and armored units. It will be formed in 2018.

“We think it is necessary to have this level of capability for the situation we now have,” Hultqvist says.

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