Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Borking of Bolton

The dangers of creeping "high schoolism" in The Borking of Bolton.

And this
Senate Democrats on the Foreign Relations Committee spent much of last Tuesday afternoon shouting down their opponents, gesticulating wildly, interrupting speakers, and making unsubstantiated claims--all of this in an effort to delay a vote on the Bolton nomination. He is unfit for the job, they claim, because over the course of his career Bolton is alleged to have shouted down his opponents, gesticulated wildly, interrupted speakers, and made unsubstantiated claims. Washington at its finest.

Update: "Biden Claims Bolton Staring at Him During Hearing" saysScrappleface in an amazingly accurate report of the level of discourse over Mr. Bolton.

Update2: Hey, I'm not alone in finding these hearings preposterous so is Captain Ed
You know, it was just seventeen months ago that Ted Kennedy roared into a microphone that Janice Rogers Brown was a "Neanderthal" unworthy of consideration for the federal appellate bench. How about addressing that before getting to what people said ten and twenty years ago?

Quite frankly, I don't care if Bolton got snappy with subordinates twenty-two years ago -- and considering the absolute morass of corruption at the UN, impatience almost sounds like a prerequisite rather than a hindrance. Democrats still have not read the memo that starts This nation is at war, preferring to live in the fantasy world of political correctness that they have constructed where smiles and handshakes get everyone what they want. The only possible way this could get sillier is if the Republicans start to buy into this.

Over a thirty-year career, everyone who ever accomplished anything will leave behind peers, subordinates, and even bosses with hurt feelings and axes ready to grind. The fact that the Democrats have dug twenty-three years into history in order to find one should create laughter about their own lack of perspective and incompetence, not doubts about Bolton's qualifications. This may be the silliest confirmation process yet staged by Boxer and her gang of idiots.

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