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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Connecting Kashmir to the Sea

Everything is intertwined, and a peace move in Kashmir between Pakistan and India has ripples that touch naval matters in Asia as this excellent report by Jim Bencivenga in The Christian Science Monitor establishes.
For the first time in decades Thursday, Kashmiris from India and Pakistani-controlled Kashmir took steps towards each other across a 220-foot-long bridge rebuilt in the last two weeks. The bridge, now called the Peace Bridge, was destroyed 50 years ago in a battle during the first of three wars fought between these rivals on the Asian subcontinent.

History will record that American and Chinese admirals took special note of those footsteps...
Not too often these days that Mahan and the battles of Salamis, Lepanto, Trafalgar and Midway get mentioned, but Mr. Bencivenga does so and ties it all together pretty well.

Worth reading.

Hat tip: Naval Open Source Intelligence

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