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Friday, April 22, 2005

IAF's Car Nicobar base battle-ready

The Times of India reports IAF's Car Nicobar base battle-ready- The Times of India
"CAR NICOBAR: The sonic boom generated by the Sukhoi-30 and Jaguar strike fighters asthey tear into the sky over the Andaman and Nicobar Islands gives one clearsignal: India recognises the archipelago's strategic value and is ready tosecure the international sea lanes converging towards the Malacca

The IAF base here, thecountry's last defence outpost in the eastern region, has now arisen like themythical phoenix from the ashes, after being devastated by the gigantic tsunami on December 26.

'The fighter operations demonstrate the Carnic base is fully combat ready now...the IAF flag is flying high here once again,' said a 'proud' IAF chief Air Chief Marshal S P Tyagi.

Grappling with the numbing loss of 116 lives of personnel and families, coupled with large-scale infrastructure damage, the IAF and Army worked round-the-clock to make the base
fully operational in a short span of three months.
See my earlier post on the base and its "prime" location (with maps).

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