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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Shipbuilding in Iran

An article on the potential for Iran in the maritime industry from the Iran Daily

Interesting quote:
Contrary to other industries, making poor quality products in the ship-building industry is almost impossible, compared to many other sectors.The situation in the auto industry provides an example. Iranians continue to put up with low-quality brands at unfairly high prices simply because they are left with little if any other options, as the government continues to impose a ban on import of foreign cars due to certain political considerations.
Such restrictions or rather inadequacies do not exist in the marine industry.
Ships failing to match global standards qualitatively and quantitatively are unlikely to make it in international waters. To ensure that the quality factor is preserved to its highest level, all procedures from the time the project starts to the time when finishing touches are put on the ship, are closely monitored and approved by the world's leading insurance companies.

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