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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Latest Piracy Report from ICC Commercial Crime Services

Latest piracy report from ICC CCS is here. Highlights:
24.04.2005 at 1050 LT in position 02:48.56N - 101:03.0E Malacca straits. A speedboat approached a container ship underway. Ship altered course to port but the boat suddenly increased speed and headed for the ship. Master raised alarm and crew mustered and the boat reduced speed moved away. Description of boat, length 7-8 metres, white hull, 1 dark obm, dark sunroof with 4 - 6 persons wearing a dark clothes.

22.04.2005 at 2350 LT in position 29:37nN - 048:45.7E, Umm Qasr anchorage, Iraq. Three robbers armed with guns and a knife boarded a bulk carrier using hooks attached to ropes. They took hostage several crewmembers, assaulted them and demanded money. They took crew one by one to their cabins and stole cash and personal belongings. They also stole money from ship's safe and master’s personal belongings. They took master poop deck and disembarked into a 5 metre wooden boat waiting with an accomplice. Master reported incident to coalition warships in the area.

22.04.2005 at 0500 in position 00:27.1S - 105:09.0E, off Lingga islands, Indonesia.
Pirates armed with guns boarded a general cargo underway from stern. They tied up all crew and held the ship for two days. All cargo on board was unloaded. On 25.04.05 pirates left the ship in speedboats. Further details are awaited.
First report of robbery of a ship off Iraq in awhile. Details on last seizure were posted earlier here and here.

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