Monday, April 25, 2005

The Problems of Company E

When I read to NY Times article this morning about "Company E", it raised as many questions as it answered. With thanks to Instapundit, here's some more information that lays out a little better background from someone who was there and understands the military.

The good things about the Reserves and National Guard mentioned using civilian expertise to get a grip on local matters is important. And it's very hard to teach experience to younger troops... And even to active duty officers who sometimes fail to grasp how good the Reserve/National Guard "street smart" civilian experience can be for these Civil Affairs/Combat missions...

While regular troop rotation is part of our system now, there are times when some extensions of key players would have helped make the transition described byJason Van Steenwyck much, much smoother. Someone above the company level needs to be paying attention to the turnover schedule. Lives could have been saved had some "lessons learned" experience been there for al longer time...

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