Friday, April 08, 2005

The China-Cuba Axis

Frederick W. Stakelbeck, Jr. has an interesting read atThe American Thinkerabout Cuba and the increasing influence of China.
Since the late 1990’s, independent Cuban journalists have reported an increasing number of Chinese diplomats, scientists, engineers, and military advisors arriving in Cuba. As a result, the Cuban Chinese community now makes up 1 percent of the island’s total population of 11.3 million people.

In the face of an increasing Chinese presence only 90 miles off the Florida coast, the question remains: Will Fidel Castro become a conduit for Chinese expansionist aspirations in the region setting the stage for another confrontation with the U.S.? Given Cuba’s dismal economic condition, Castro’s deteriorating health, and a consensus within the Cuban government that China offers a formidable ally against American regional authority and control – the answer is increasingly yes.


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