Friday, April 08, 2005

U.S. official raises concern over terror in Malacca Strait

U.S. official raises concern over terror in Malacca Strait
The vice commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, Vice Adm. Terry Gross, warned Friday that a recent spate of successful pirate attacks on ships in the Malacca Strait could "inspire" terrorists to mount a sea-based operation.

There are concerns that the pirates might be "showing the terrorists where opportunities exist," Gross told reporters.
Not only where, but how. That's what some of us have been trying to point out - putting in curbs to piracy will also reduce the risk of a terrorist threat of a "sea-based operation." And, Admiral while you are on the subject, you might point out that organizations like Greenpeace are also pointing out techniques to potential terrorists (as in rappelling onto ships, as noted in my earlier post here)

Hat tip: The Counterterrorism Blog

Update: More here:
One major obstacle is the right of pursuit, shippers said.

"In today's situation, if a country was pursuing a pirate and the pirates go to the next country, then they cannot go after the pirates anymore," Takashi Ichioka, managing director of the Nippon Maritime Center, said last week.

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