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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Venezuela Picks Up Some Interesting Friends

Things get interesting. According to Regime Change Iran, Venezuela and Iran are getting cozy...
Those who don’t watch one of the Spanish language channels or al-Jazeera regularly might have missed the recent visit by President Khatami of Iran with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. This visit comes as no surprise to those few who have really been paying attention to geopolitical events in Latin America. This visit also provides a key to understanding current Venezuelan polices. For the past few years these two régimes have been developing a strong, productive relationship. These two leaders have a surprising number of issues in common considering one is a leftist, would-be Marxist Latin American despot in training, and the other is an Islamist terrorist puppet of the Iranian mullahcrats.
CDR Salamander has noted some other Venezuela activity.
Venezuela's Castro wanabe Hugo Chavez is a danger to the entire hemisphere and the great progress in democracy gained over the last two decades. He is making friends with all the wrong people, and does not have peace on his mind.


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