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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Meanwhile - Piracy in the Eastern Indian Ocean and South China Sea Area

Some indication of the more traditional piracy (sea robbers taking things from ships and running away) from ReCAAP. NOTE, however, the first incident about 350 miles off India, where Somali pirates are pushing their envelope, again:

ReCAAP Piracy Summary 2010 through September
24 Oct 10:

Low-grade sea robbery will probably never go away. Somali piracy may be an aberration in the normal course of things, but it will endure until Somalia itself is stabilized.

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  1. low grade security such as fisheries protection has led to Japan and China going head to head - we should not underestimate that low grade security is a strong tool beyond diplomacy and prior to all out war - the United States is using this as a tool to get states onside in several regions. The USCG in particular is active in the Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia and West Africa, using its Caribbean experience with narco traffickers.