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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Somali Pirates: Common Sense Needed

Once again, the NATO Shipping Center has posted a revised piracy warning here, containing the identity and locations of probable "mother ships" suspected of being used for Somali pirate operations:
Updated 16 November.

Weather conditions continue to be favourable for pirate operations throughout the Somali Basin and the Gulf of Oman. Activity over the past week has been focused in two main areas, one in the main north south shipping lanes at 65E between 11-16N, the other to the SW of Seychelles.

It is assessed that at least one pirated dhow is acting as a mother vessel in each area. In addition there is assessed to be at least one whaler-based PAG (whaler is 10-12 m open boat with internal engine – capable of 6-8 knots) operating to the north of the Seychelles IVO the equator.

Golden Wave
Pirates continue to make use of already pirated vessels for use as mother ships. The only pirated vessel currently underway and assessed as a threat to shipping is FV GOLDEN WAVE, (image insert) last located at 12.11.2010: 0355 UTC in position 04°01S - 041°12E: This vessel is believed to be heading further to the south. ALL VESSELS ARE ADVISED TO BE CAUTIOUS. Vigilant watches, early detection of vessels manoeuvring to close, early reporting and the adoption of the Best Management Practices are the keys for remaining safe.

Updated 16 Nov. 10

The pirated vessel MV ZULFECAR remains underway and will probably be used as a mother ship for the launching of small skiffs (5m), this vessel has previously been used by pirates as a mother ship. It is likely that she will operate within an triangular area between the Kenyan / Tanzanian coast and north point of Madagascar. All small boats in the area should be perceived as suspicious.

All mariners transiting the area are warned that pirates operate the area, full BMP’s* are recommended in the Indian Ocean within 15°S and 78°E.
OK, why would it not be easy to send a warship or an armed remotely piloted aircraft to "shadow/escort" the suspected mother ships and break up their pirate activities?

You know, start the trail when a "suspect" vessel leaves a known Somali pirate port.

Am I missing something really complex here?

It's not like there aren't 25+ warships bobbing around out there.

Get a little proactive.

*BMP=Best Management Practices

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