Thursday, November 04, 2010

Somali Pirates: Coaster with passengers taken off Tanzania

A small coastal freighter/passenger ship has been taken by Somali pirates in the waters between the Comoros Islands and Tanzania, the EU confirms. The Comoros lie at the mouth of the Mozmbique Channel, south of Somalia. The Mozambique Channel lies between Madagascar and the African mainland.

Reported as MV ALY ZOULFECAR pirated in the Somali Basin:
The MV ALY ZOULFECAR, a Comorian-flagged vessel, was pirated on route between the Comores and Dar Es Salam (Tanzania).

The 43 meters long vessel was in transit from the Comoros to Dar Es Salam when it was attacked. On the morning of 3 November 2010, the Master of the MV ALY ZOULFECAR reported that pirates were on board.

The MV ALY ZOULFECAR has 29 people onboard, of which 9 are crewmembers and 20 passengers. The crew consists of 1 Tanzanian, 4 Comorian and 4 Madagascar. The passengers consist of 12 Tanzanian and 8 Comorian. This makes a total of 13 Tanzanian, 12 Comorian and 4 Malagasy on board the pirated vessel.
UPDATE: NATO report (here) a ship pirated at 05°15 S 043°39 E. See map below:

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