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Monday, April 23, 2012

"Stirring up the South China Sea"

A new analysis of the problems of the South China Sea - a frequent topic here and on Midrats - is available from the International Crisis Group with its release of "Stirring up the South China Sea (I)" as its press release indicates:
China is one of its own worst enemies in the South China Sea, as its local governments and agencies struggle for power and money, inflaming tensions with its neighbours, illustrated by Beijing’s latest standoff with the Philippines.

Stirring up the South China Sea , the latest report by the International Crisis Group, exposes the domestic political and economic contradictions undermining China’s efforts to restore relations with its neighbours, as the U.S. expands its influence in the energy-rich and strategically important South China Sea. Beijing must ensure that the eleven ministerial-level agencies involved, and in particular the law enforcement agencies, respect one coherent maritime policy and end confusion over what constitutes Chinese territorial waters.
The site includes an executive summary and the full report in pdf format.

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