Thursday, June 28, 2012

One link on "Obamacare"

Roberts health care opinion, Commerce Clause: The real reason the chief justice upheld Obamacare.

I don't think all the Democrats have figured this out yet, but it's gonna limit how the federal government expands.

It's a smart decision.

Nice job, Mr. Chief Justice.

UPDATE: Okay, I was wrong, one more link.

UPDATE2: Wrong again, here's #3.

Fundamentally, it seems to me that the majority decision just tells the American voting public to "grow up and start paying attention to how important your votes are."

UPDATE: One more:
So, as it turns out, the 2012 presidential election won’t really be about same-sex marriage. Or deportations. Or Bain Capital. (Well, mostly not about that stuff.)

Thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding President Barack Obama’s health-care reform law, the election will–at its core–be squarely about Obamanomics, and whether American voters are happy enough with the results of four years of radical economic experimentation to give the go ahead for four more of the same.
LAST UPDATE: Chief Justice Roberts is correct - it is not up to the courts to strike down bad but constitutional legislation. It is the voters' job to toss out of office politicians who do not reflect the voters' interests. It has long been the Democrats who race to the courthouse to get rulings they could not get passed by any legislative body and it ill becomes the right in this country to expect to be saved by the same courts they have so bitterly decried. Man up and get out the vote and send the offending pols back to their homes before they can do any more harm.

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  1. Individual responsibility and authority are inexorably linked and those who wrongly attempt to disconnect the two are doomed to slavery. When you neglect responsibility putting yourself at the mercy of an other individual or institution to provide for you, by definition you abdicate choice and he assumes supreme authority over you. You got to ask yourself, DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE HIS BITCH?