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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pirates Off Sri Lanka

Arrow indicates rough area of the attack
Reported as "Sri Lanka Navy brings fishermen injured by pirate attack ashore, three are missing"

Sri Lankan Navy has brought ashore two fishermen who were critically injured in a suspected pirate attack in the deep seas off southeastern coast of Sri Lanka.

At least two Sri Lankan fishermen were critically injured and three others are missing in a suspected pirate attack, the Navy said today.

Five fishermen who set off on fishing in a multi-day trawler from the coast of Kudawella Fisheries Harbor in the deep south on Sunday (14) had been assaulted by a group of ten pirates in a small boat and thrown into the sea, the police spokesman SSP Prishantha Jayakody said.

Two of the fishermen had been rescued by two merchant vessels, MV Lusail and MV Edith Maersk, in the south-eastern deep seas and handed them over to the Navy.
More here in which it is reported that the identity of the attackers is presently unknown (or unreported) but that Somali pirates have attacked Sri Lankan boats in the past.

Maybe, but . . . I await something more definite.

UPDATE: Well these pirates appear to be people who are trying to get to Australia to seek asylum". I doubt this is a good introduction to immigration officials.

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