Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Syria: Turkey Get Fired On, Shoots Back and NATO Gets a Call

WaPo reports, "Turkey PM’s office says Turkish artillery fired on Syria after shelling of Turkish town" :
Turkish artillery fired on Syrian targets after deadly shelling from Syria hit a Turkish border town on Wednesday, sharply raising tensions on a volatile border that has been crossed by tens of thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing violence in their country.
More from Hurriyet:
Targets in Syria has been bombed in return to a deadly attack which killed 5 people in southeeastern Turkey, Turkish Prime Ministry has said.

"These provacations against the safety of Turkey will not remain unanswered," the Prime Ministry said. "We have responded to the attack, and bombed targets in Syria."
An emergency NATO meeting had been summoned, and will take place in the upcoming hours.

The Prime Minister said Turkey's response abided with the international law, and came as self-defense.
NATO. Hmmmm. This could get nasty.

UPDATE: The Turkish parliament has authorized cross border operations for its military, as set out here:
The Turkish Parliament has passed a motion allowing the military to conduct cross-border raids into Syria.

Some 320 deputies cast votes in favor of the motion, while 129 voted against it.
“All military targets have been hit by the shells. After this point, the process is down to the reaction of the opposite side [Syria]. They have now taken the lessons that they should have taken,” AKP Ankara Deputy Yalçın Akdoğan said.

Regarding opposition criticism of the mandate text, Akdoğan said: “There is nothing saying we have to go to a war in the text. The criticism of the opposition is political. Everything is clear in the text."

AKP Deputy Group Chairman Nurettin Canikli said there was an armed attack toward Turkey undetaken by the Syrian goverment. “Everybody needs to define their side. Are you on Turkey’s side or on the side of cruel al-Assad? Are you on the side of al-Assad, who has been shelling his own people including children? You need to make a decision on this.

Nobody in the Turkish Grand Assembly can defend the policy of a country who attacked this country [Turkey]. Our duty is to defend our country,” Canikli said.
UPDATE2: A WSJ report with a discussion of the NATO duty to come to the aid of an attacked NATO member, which Turkey is:

Oh,yes, and the Syrian chemical weapons threat.

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