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Thursday, March 28, 2013

North Korean Idle Threat of the Day: "Your Bases Will Be Ashes," we say, "ashes!"

From the official NORK unintentional humor site, News From KOREAN CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY of DPRK:
Upon receiving the statement of the Supreme Command of the Korean
Current Kim-in-Charge Leads Group Sing
People's Army (KPA) issued on Tuesday, all the KPA men and officers are seized with an urge to show the DPRK's will of counteraction by practical military actions.

Pae Kwang Phyo, a KPA officer, told KCNA:

"Despite our repeated warning, the U.S. imperialist aggressors let their B-52 formation fly again in the sky above south Korea and announced an operational plan targeting the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership.

Gone are the days when the DPRK made verbal exchange with the U.S.

The KPA Strategic Rocket Force has already been on A-class alert to wipe out the U.S. forces and reduce their bases in Guam and other regions to ashes."

Hong Kum Chol, another officer, said:

"The KPA Air Force is put on alert.

It will never miss the opportunity to sweep away the Anderson air base in Guam."
The same site reports, "President of Equatorial Guinea Congratulates DPRK on Its Demonstration of National Power."

Perhaps I'm wrong. Maybe the humor is intentional.

The NORKS probably are also "burning mad" because of B-2 bomber flights over South Korea, as reported here.

Polish flagged Il-28
By the way, most reports indicate the sole bomber in the DPRK air armada is a variant of the Il-28 "Beagle" with a range of about 2400 km . The distance from Pyongyang to Guam is roughly 3400 km. 


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  1. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Perhaps someone should send them an Antique Airplane Association membership application?

    Next week: Pyonyangs says "all your bases belong to us"......