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Friday, March 01, 2013

On Midrats 3-3-13: Episode 165: USNI's VADM Daly and Naval History in 100 Objects

Sunday, March 3 at 5pm (Eastern U.S.): Episode 165: USNI's VADM Daly and Naval History in 100 Objects:
Institutions do not exist and excel simply because they "are." They must be nurtured by dedicated individuals that find the right combination of stewardship and intellectual curiosity to ensure they continue to carry out their mission and leave a more viable entity for those who follow.

It must be informed by the past, though not shackled to it. It must be true to its nature, but not ossified in its operation. It must be ready for the future, but clearheaded on how to get there.

For the maritime professional in the United States, there is a rather unique institution that really has no counterpart here or in other nations; the United States Naval Institute. Our guest for the first half of the hour will be USNI's CEO, Vice Admiral Peter Daly, USN (Ret). He will be with us to discuss USNI's place in the maritime security arena and how ideas and concepts today inform and influence the direction of our Navy.

For the second half of the hour, we will shift focus back with Ensign Chris O’Keefe, USN who is the producer of the United States Naval Academy podcast series, "A History of the Navy in 100 Objects", that uses objects from the Naval Academy's museum to help tell the story of our Navy and the nation it serves.
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