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Monday, March 11, 2013

So, if North Korea declares the armistice dead, when can we start the bombing?

As you may know, the Korean War was never "over" - instead, what has been going on since my dad was flying B-26s over the "Land of the Morning Calm" has been an "armistice."

Which is, as Merriam Webster tells us, a "temporary suspension of hostilities by agreement between the opponents." Yes, 60 years is a long "temporary suspension" but it is what it is.

So now,with this headline, "Pyongyang scraps armistice amid heightened saber rattling", CNN gets it exactly wrong - the NORKS have a perfect right to call off their side of the agreement, and I assume, that means it's time for someone on the other side (our side) to say, "Now let the war begin again."

I personally think that it is time to make the NK "Axis of Evil" leadership feel some pain for this silly announcement.

If I were the Prez, I would give NK about 24 hours to rethink their position and, in the event that they decide to stick with their position, I would unleash the dogs of war or at least the cruise missiles of war directed at railroads, bridges and power plants . . .

Of course, that's not how things are done . . . in the civilized. world.

Which is not the world Kim Jong Un lives in, so he and his gang are trying to "bully" their way into a "better" truce and win concessions. It is not beyond imagining that there will be blood spilled until someone in the alliance against the NORK thuggery decides enough is enough.

Signing the armistice (Navy Art Collection)
UPDATE: The text of the Armistice in question can be found here, of which the key part seems to be is:
62. The Articles and Paragraphs of this Armistice Agreement shall remain in effect until expressly superseded either by mutually acceptable amendments and additions or by provision in an appropriate agreement for a peaceful settlement at a political level between both sides.
Or by restarting the war, I assume, because what else is a unilateral renunciation?

Might as well roll the tanks.

Update2: An old look at wrecking someone's infrastructure by torpedoes delivered by air:

You can read about the Hwachon Dam attack here (pdf):
First use of torpedoes since 1945
Strike force consisted of 3 AD1 Skyraiders from VC-35 (carrying torpedoes), 4 AD-1s from VA-195 (carrying torpedoes) and 12 F4U Corsair fighters from VF-192 for anti-aircraft fire suppression. All from USS Princeton.
Dams is hard.


  1. exactly on point. So the next time the NORKs wheel out an ICBM or IRBM with a "test" package on its tip, destroy it and the launch tower/platform and any other weapons in evidence.

    The South Koreans are exceedingly afraid of the conventional forces which the north could send south. I sure hope someone has analyzed the north's effective land forces strength?

  2. The Japanese-built dam story is very interesting history, thanks for bringing it to readers' attention.

    As to current events such nonsense has been overdue. What has taken Kim Jong Un so long since his apparent rise to power? I suspect Kim Un had not yet passed the tests of DPRK's phantom military leadership we rarely, if ever read about.

    We must assume our current Commander in Chief inherited an awesome order of battle against a NORK invasion. Regrettably, I do not believe we can take for granted a swift enough decision by President Obama to mount such a defense. The U.S. could not even protect a diplomat who had pleaded for help for months.

  3. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Maybe ol' Kim igures that the time to strike is now, since we're subsisting on snow and aid packages from NK.


  4. My Dad was in the Navy during the Korean Conflict. When my oldest son heard this news he called, excited, "Is Papa ready to go back and kick their ass!"