Sunday, December 28, 2014

Heinlein Quote Special Edition: A Radio Version of "The Green Hills of Earth"

Back in the days before television or when we lived in places where there was no television, there was radio. Usually AM radio - static and all - it was. Sometimes, like when I was a kid on Guam, there was Armed Forces Radio transmitting recorded shows for the entertainment of the airmen and sailors (and the rest of the population, too.)

Here's a classic radio version of a Heinlein story that appeared in the pages of the old Saturday Evening Post in 1947. Back in the day having your fiction appear in that publication was a very big deal - my mother had one of her short stories published in the Post in 1961- and in Heinlein's case moved him from "pulp" sci-fi magazines to the slick pages of mainstream publishing.

In any event, pull up a chair and spend 23 minutes or so listening to "The Green Hills of Earth"

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  1. Thank you, sir. Had never heard that before, much more powerful story when performed.