Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Saturday Video: Pearl Harbor 7 Dec 1941

This footage of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was shot by CWO4 Clyde Daughtry. The original footage has since been lost, and the poor quality of this footage is due to the fact that it is a copy. Among the many valuable portions of this footage are shots of USS Nevada (BB-36) underway and firing back at Japanese aircraft, USS Oglala (CM-4) rolling over and sinking, and USS St. Louis underway (CL-4). Naval History and Heritage Command, Photographic Section, UM-10.

What many people forget or never knew was that there was a huge salvage operation and that most of the damaged battleships were raised and repaired and went on to fight. See Sunday Ship History: After Pearl Harbor - Down but not out:
On October 25, 1944, at the seminal battle of Surigao Strait, the battleships USS Mississippi, USS Maryland, USS West Virginia, USS Tennessee, USS California and USS Pennsylvania "crossed the T" of a Japanese fleet in the last great surface ship engagement.

Of the six battleships of the U.S. Navy involved in the action, five had been either sunk or damaged during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Here's short compilation of the salvage operations:

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