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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fishing net pirates off Malyasia

Brief fire fight (one-sided) reported here:
Pirates armed with shotguns opened fire on a Malaysian fishing boat about nine nautical miles off the Parit Haji Baki coast here at 2am yesterday.
Meanwhile, another fishing boat was robbed of l7 fishing nets, valued at RM10,000, in Tanjung Tohor, about l0 nautical miles off the Bagan coast, Batu Pahat, at 3am yesterday.

Zakaria Sohor, 56, said he discovered the theft when he and his assistant hauled up 35 nets lowered into the sea eight hours earlier.

He believed the same pirates had stolen the nets after failing to steal Iskandar’s nets. Both boats are from the Parit Jawa fishing village.

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