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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Greenpeace may win one in the "fish piracy" battle

Greenpeace and the government of Guinea may have a victory against "fish pirates" as reported here:
SPANISH officials yesterday agreed that they would declare that a 200-tonne cargo of fish stolen from West Africa is illegal, when they receive official confirmation from Guinea - following six days of Greenpeace occupation and several hours of diplomatic negotiations, the environmental organisation said in a statement.
Greenpeace and Environmental Justice Foundation allegedly spent three weeks exposing the scandal of pirate fishing off the coast of West Africa, culminating in the Greenpeace ship M.Y Esperanza, claiming that they documented the illegal transfer of stolen fish taken from Guinea on April 6th from pirate vessels to a 'reefer' vessel - the Binar 4. This ship was then claimed to have been followed to Las Palmas where activists climbed on board before it came into port on April 11th. They have allegedly been on the mast and cranes ever since - nearly 150 hours in total.

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