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Monday, April 24, 2006

Osama bin laden rants, declares war on the world

OBL is not a happy camper. Or cave-dweller or whatever. Seems that the whole world is not to his liking as explained by Walid Phares at teh Counterterrorism Blog in BIN LADEN'S "STATE OF JIHAD" SPEECH:
This is a “state of Jihad address” by a Terror-leader who projects himself as the supreme leader of all Salafi Jihadists in the world. The document provide guidelines and vision to the followers across the continents: A call for mega-terrorism and a fiery delivery of a bloody war in all directions. Not one single civilization and religion got away from Usama’s grapes of wrath: Muslim moderates, Shiites, Christian Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox; Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Atheists as well. Europeans, Chinese, Indians, Semites, Africans and others were all deciphered as Kuffars, infidels.
At least the U.S. now has lots of company. OBL should get more sleep. He's beginning to sound a little cranky.

UPDATE: And so it begins? With an attack on an Arab nation, Egypt? Instead of Mein Kampf, OBL should be reading How to Win Friends and Influence People...

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