Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Some "sea pirate news" from Sierra Leone

Found here:
Sea pirates engaging in nefarious activities within Sierra Leone’s territorial waters have now extended their cruelties to sea safety guides by destroying Sea Buoys placed as direction for ships and trawlers, thereby exposing these vessels to sea dangers. The Pirates are reported to be using canoes with out-board machines to access these buoys at night and remove their solar panels. Buoys warn ships against shallow depths and sand bars. They convert sun light in to a regular light signal to warn ships off danger areas. The naval wing of Sierra Leone’s armed forces is thinly stretched to forestall these pirate actions.
I wonder if these pirates are engaged in the historical, but not so honorable profession of "wrecking"?
In the eighteenth century, the wreckers of Crigyll looted wrecked ships which they lured onto the Crigyll rocks using beacons and lights, simulating the harbour lights of Holyhead, near the mouth of the river Crigyll . During the day, they were respected members of the community. They included landowners, farmers, tailors, a weaver, a fuller, housewives and even children. At one time, a number of Calvinistic methodists were looting a wreck and were surprised by one of their elders!

For a book on the subject, see here.

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