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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ONI Worldwide Shipping Threats (to 16 July 08)

ONI Worldwide Shipping Threats (to 16 July 08)can be found here. Highlights:
1. NIGERIA: Britain to propose training army in Nigeria to combat Niger Delta rebels, 12 Jul 08 reporting. Britain Prime Minister Gordon Brown plans to offer British help to the Nigerian government in combating rebels at a meeting in London next week with Nigeria
president Umaru Yar’Adua. However, British officials aren’t certain if Yar’Adua would even accept such an offer. The plan has received a mixed response in Nigeria, where one official said the authorities were hoping for help in curtailing an international cartel trading in stolen Nigerian crude. Also, the prospect of British intervention in the delta conflict has prompted the end of a ceasefire in the region and drawn accusations of neo-colonialism from rebel groups. They’ve also accused the Nigerian government of illegal actions. Brown's statement on Wednesday that Britain stood "ready to give help to the Nigerians to deal with the lawlessness that exists in this
area and to achieve levels of production that Nigeria is capable of", led to the rebel group MEND to claim it will call off its ceasefire 12 Jul 08. The Prime Minister's official spokesman said the focus will be on providing training for the Nigerian military. The plans do not include deployment of British troops in significant numbers, but the country’s defense ministry is said to be resistant, warning it might further stretch military resources (LM: The Independent, Financial Times).
1. Yacht (RAVEN EYE) boarded, robbed 5 Jul 08, 10 miles from Puerto Santos, Venezuela
2. Yacht (NAXOS) boarded, robbed 1 Jul 08, NNE of Cacao, Venezuela
3. Sailboat boarded 8 Jul 08, Porlamar, Margarita Island, Venezuela.
4. Yachts boarded, some robbed 4 Jul 08, Porlamar, Margarita Island, Venezuela.
5. Sailboat boarded, robbed 28 Jun 08, Pampatar, Margarita Island, Venezuela.
1. VENEZUELA: Yacht (RAVEN EYE) boarded, robbed 5 Jul 08, while underway, 10
miles from Puerto Santos. A couple was approached by six men in a battered, unmarked pirogue
speeding towards them. One man was in a military uniform. As the men approached, they fired
a shot. The yacht took evasive maneuvers. The attackers boarded the vessel and shot and
stabbed the family dog, but didn’t kill it. They tied the man on the deck and pointed a gun at
him, then went down below and held his wife with two guns pointing at her face. They took
USD $300, a laptop computer, tool boxes, the SSB radio, outboard motor, and ripped the
microphones from the VHF. They tried to take the compass as well, along with the radar and
forward looking sonar, but they were fixed to the ship too well. They also tried to steal the
woman’s wedding ring, but she could not remove it and in the process severely cut her hand.
After the attackers left, there were no means to call for help so they traveled to Trinidad.
(Operator:, LM:
2. VENEZUELA: Yacht (NAXOS) boarded, robbed 1 Jul 08 at 1500 local time while in
position 10:46.41N-62:16.8W, NNE of Cacao. The vessel was approached from behind by a fast
pirogue-type open fishing boat with four Yamaha 75hp outboard motors. The hull was mostly
dark green with a wide turquoise stripe over and a narrow red stripe separating the green from
the turquoise. The boat displayed the name “AMGUNA” on the stern and “MOSS” on the bow.
The attackers came alongside and asked for water. When the captain of the (NAXOS) attempted
to pass a water container to them, he was confronted by six guns (five 9mm automatic pistols and
one semi automatic rifle). The attackers boarded the vessel and stole everything of value,
including, cash, jewelry, computers, radios, satellite/cell phones, outboard motor, AC unit, food,
clothing and other items. The attackers made no effort to hide either their own identity or that of
the attacking vessel. None of the three crewmembers aboard the vessel was injured during the
encounter (Operator:
3. VENEZUELA: Sailboat boarded 8 Jul 08 at 2300 local time, Porlamar, Margarita Island.
One female crewmember and a baby were on board at the time. The woman was blindfolded
with a towel and tied up with duct tape. The intruder went through and searched for money.
After 30 minutes the intruder left. The incident was reported to the local police and the VHF Ch.
72. No injuries to crew (Operator:
4. VENEZUELA: Yachts boarded, some robbed 4 Jul 08 at 1830 and 2030, while at
anchorage, Porlamar, Margarita Island. The first boat was boarded by three men while the owner
was on board. He heard noises and woke up and saw the perpetrators leave quickly. Nothing
was stolen from this vessel. The second boat was boarded, and the perpetrators attempted to cut
off two big fenders, however a watchful cruiser nearby chased them off by pointing a light at
them. A call for help was made via VHF, but no response. The third boat was boarded and
robbed of a life raft, lines and fenders. All incidents were reported to the local police and on
VHF 72 to make all cruisers in the anchorage aware, no injuries (Operator:
5. VENEZUELA: Sailboat boarded, robbed 28 Jun 08 between 0200 and 0400 while at
anchorage, Pampatar, Margarita Island. Five armed men boarded the vessel and tied up the
owner for the next two hours while they went through the boat and stole all valuables. The
incident was reported on 30 Jun 08 to the cruisers net on VHF 72 and local police (Operator:
Well, yachtsmen should stay clear of Margarita Island, I guess.

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