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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Russian Anti-Piracy Idea: Simple and direct

A Russian idea on How to beat sea piracy: put grenade launchers on boats:
Russia’s top arms producer has unveiled plans to help repel attacks by pirates and reduce the number of hijacks on the country’s civil ships.

Vladimir Korenkov, from arms manufacturer Bazalt, said it‘s equipping vessels with it’s multi-barrel grenade launching systems to help curb pirate aggression.
Bazalt's "marine" grenade launcher:
In 1971 to ensure protection of Navy bases neighbouring areas vacilities against underwater divers at a range of up to 500m the Navy adopted for service the MRG-1 multi-barrel rocket grenade launcher.Firing is remotely controlled (distance is up to 30m) using a self-contained power source from a ship deck or ashore.

In 1991 the DP-65 automated small-size remotely-controlled grenade launcher system was developed and adopted by the Navy for service. Unlike the MRG-1 system, the DP-65 rocket launcher is fitted with electric drives of vertical and horizontal aiming mechanisms, it is controlled remotely (distance is up to 100m), one control console allows for a by-turn servicing of up to four grenade launchers. The DP-65 system can be mounted on large surface ships and vessels, as well as on various shore facilities. It can also be efficiently used against underwater swimmer saboteurs.
The MRG-1 and DP-65 grenade launcher fire 55mm RG-55M high-explosive rocket grenades which are actually small depth bombs detonating at a pre-set depth and efficiently engaging an underwater swimmer within a radius of up to 16m.

To mark the location of the detected underwater swimmeres the MRG-1 and DP-65 systems fire the GRS-55 flare grenade whose burning flare serves as a marker on water surface to enable aimed fire with the use of high-explosive grenades.

Portable grenade launchers enjoy wide application in the system of antisaboteur defense. Unlike stationary launchers, they require no specially equipped positions. One of these launchers is the DP-64 portable grenade launcher. Its design incorporates an active scheme of grenade triggering which makes it possible to equip the launcher with a closed breech end allowing for the weapon application capabilities to be expanded. Due to its indigenuous design the grenade launcher is virtually a silent weapon system which is of particular importance for its use at bases.

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