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Good Company
Good Company

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Reading

CDR Salamander on reasons to worry about national defense.

People keep talking about a military draft. See - Really. Bad. Idea.
What about realigning the forces into sensible form? Defending whose oil fields? Isn't that an arguement in favor of drilling here, drilling now?

The Skeptical Bureaucrat honors Common Sense. Lotsa "sunshine patriots" out there today . . . just as there were then.

Sunday Ship History? Delayed by . . . well, I decided I could replace the leaking water pump in my older car but the sky hooks I needed to unbolt the pulley were in short supply so it took . . .
but I did get it replaced. The book says that a professional mechanic can do the job in two hours. I am not a professional mechanic. Related thought: I remember being about to just about stand in the engine compartment of an old (1962) Caddy I used to work on. Modern cars sure jam a lot of stuff into a small space. . .

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