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Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend Reading

CDR Salamander's Fullbore Friday with a tale of a nearly forgotten warship.

Fred Fry's Maritime Monday 145 with pictures, links and a weekend of interesting reading to get you ready for next Monday, when I hope my schedule slacks enough to link to Fred on - oh, say - Monday...

Steeljaw Scribe has a look at a modern missile race that probably doesn't bode well . . .

Some pirate analysis which is quite good linked to by Galrahn here.

Remotely controlled Underwater Vessels from Iran? Galrahn links here, Patrick Lasswell and others have good comments. ASW trawlers? An idea whose time has come?

Daniel Sekulich, author and journalist, picks up on a the Somali-Canadian leader of the Puntland Coast Guard here from an article that appeared in Maclean's.

Rep Jack Murtha (D, PA) offers up his racist, red necked inhabitated congressional district to house the Gitmo prisoners after the Gitmo detention facility closes. I hope he offered up the land next to his house, though I wonder why this offer is not considered cruel and unusual punishment. . . Betsy Newmark updates the successes of the detainee release program.


UPDATE: Speaking of "heh":
“The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money” –Margaret Thatcher.
Which comes from a comment here about the unraveling British economy. I say it time for a huge tax cut (or a tax holiday in the U.S.) to put money into the pockets of the citizens instead of those selected by the politicians for special favors. That way, if I spend money on renovating my office, it's no one's concern but mine . . .

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