Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ask Mr. Travel: Are there any good deals on Italian cruise ship tours?

Ask Mr. Travel get many questions about cruising the high seas. Most recently, these questions have focused on what cruise lines to sail.
Well, I am pleased to say that the Italians have come up with something completely different in international travel, the "Voyages of the Damned Accursed Adventure Cruise Series."

Perhaps you've seen some exciting articles in the travel press about the "we'll be talking about this forever" adventure cruise off Kenya in which the cruise ship catches fire and loses power in "pirate-infested" waters and has to be towed back to port. Like this one, "French Tugboat Reaches Italian Cruise Ship Adrift In Pirate-infested Indian Ocean After Fire".

Or the long-running "Let's Drive Ship on the Rocks" adventure, which ends in a flurry of lawyers trying to beat the contractual and international law governing recoveries for survivors! Talk about exciting!

Yes, while thousands board ships hoping to have a little romance, a little over indulgence in wine and food and a trip to some beach where they can stare at the some ocean they were just riding on, most come home with perhaps with only a norovirus to talk about.

These new adventure cruises are really making headlines! So, sign up now for one of these cruises before the adventures are all gone.

The prices are low now, but once this new form of "adventure cruising" catches on, well, book early and book often.


  1. mandb9:00 AM

    There are also appear to be 8 members of the San Marco onboard as the armed protection team! The vessel towing her is a large French trawler (the tugs arrive on Thursday) who may be asking for a nice slice of salvage (that is if the San Marco boys behave).

  2. One of the maritime bloggers in my corner of the US just referred to this incident as "We ain’t got fun 2.0" (Carnivel used to have TV ads with a song with a chorus of "We've got the fun").

  3. worker_worker3:15 PM

    Don't forget this Carnival ship fire from a couple of years ago off Mexico/San Diego:


  4. Gary Stringer8:47 AM

    It's safe to say that costa haven't been having a great time of late, anyone remember this?

  5. Gary Stringer8:48 AM