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Monday, February 13, 2012

Iran and its man-guided bomb boats

Okay, the ultra-sophisticated weaponeers of Islamic Republic of Iran are apparently getting ready to introduce a new "one time" weapon system that wastes the lives of young men and the hulls of perfectly good boats in a effort to reduce the "Great Satan" and its allies into boots filled with quivering jelly. And, of course, the media dutifully reports the story as if this sea-launched VBIED was (1) unique and (2) hard to defeat.

A tempered reponse from NAVCENT is contained in this Reuters report U.S. Navy: Iran prepares suicide bomb boats in Gulf:
"They have increased the number of submarines ... they increased the number of fast attack craft," Vice Admiral Mark Fox told reporters. "Some of the small boats have been outfitted with a large warhead that could be used as a suicide explosive device. The Iranians have a large mine inventory."
Asked if he took Iran's threats seriously, Fox Said: "Could they make like extremely difficult for us? Yes they could. If we did nothing and they were able to operate without being inhibited, yeah they could close it, but I can't see that we would ever be in that position."

He added that diplomacy should be given priority in resolving the tension.

"So when you hear discussion about all this overheated rhetoric from Iran we really believe that the best way to handle this is with diplomacy... I am absolutely convinced that is the way to go. It is our job to be prepared. We are vigilant."
Let me point out that vigilance includes keeping an eye on small boats operating in numbers (beware the swarm) or as singles in the Gulf.

For the Iranian crews I would suggest they contemplate the meaning of "suicide boats."

Gotta love the WWII asymmetric thinking, though.

I wonder if they dug out the old Japanese plans for the Shinyo?


  1. Gary Stringer10:46 AM

    This could definitely cause problems and there could be a situation where suicide bombers are operating on the seas! Better ocean security is definitely required.

  2. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Easy to defeat if you have banks of 20 and 40 mm guns, but are we really ready:

    1. Anonymous3:01 PM

      napalm makes it even easier

  3. I see this as an opportunity, get a bunch of Switch-Blades(UAV) hookem up to some Gameboy consoles and walla, you'll have have sailors lining up to get their chance to take out a suicide boat.
    Think about the recruiting opportunities.

  4. Wonder if they're going to rename the Islamic Republic the Greater Southwest Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere? (the Chinese seem to trying to resurrect Southeastern one).

    I guess Allah Ahkbar is the new Banzai.

  5. worker10:54 PM

    I always wanted to see how those handheld TOW guided anti-tank weapons would do a ship against one of these small boats.

  6. Gary Stringer9:48 AM

    Found this article interesting, it provides the view of the US Navy on the matter