Landing the Big One

Landing the Big One

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gulf of Guinea Pirates: 2 Dutch Sailors Taken Hostage

Pirates off the Nigerian coast have repeated an old trick in the area and grabbed a pair of hostages, as reported in "Sea pirates take 2 Dutch seamen hostage":
On Tuesday, sea pirates attacked a Dutch ship off Nigeria’s coast and took the Captain and Engineer-in-Chief hostage.

According to the France Presse news agency, one crewmember was injured. No ransom demands have been reported.


  1. Gary Stringer9:47 AM

    Did you know that the ship was anchored in port at the time? I find it strange that they were able to board the ship and take 2 of the crew, then escape on a small speedboat without any port security intervening...

  2. What port security would that be??

    Picking on the Dutch may not have been the optimum move, the ol' Dutch Cleanser just might ruin their day.