Saturday, February 18, 2012

Midrats Sunday 5pm Easter: Episode 111 Returning to a Constitutional Military

Episode 111 Returning to a Constitutional Military 02/19 by Midrats | Blog Talk Radio 5pm:
The large standing Army and active duty military we have known in our lifetime may seem the norm - but it isn't. Is there a way to maintain a strong military capability - available and scaleable if needed - without the structure we have become accustomed to? Is there a better way to balance our Reserve and National Guard forces that is better in line with our economic, national security, and yes - Constitutional requirements? This Sunday, 19 FEB from 5-6pm EST, join us with our guest, General Ron Fogleman, USAF (Ret) for the full hour. Using his recent article in Defense News, Going Back to the Future: Militia Model Could Cut U.S. Expenditures as a starting point, we will discuss these ideas and more as we look for a way to maintain strength and options as the budget crunch starts.
 You can listen live by clicking here.You can listen later by getting the show at that site, or from the Midrats podcast on iTunes.

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  1. he's halfway there. the constitutional militia model was a small standing army, state guards, and individual local militias. it sounds like he stops at the state guard level.