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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Headline Asks the Right Question

From BBC News Somalia conflict: Why should the world help?

My question is: "Before they lay claim to my wallet, exactly how are the Somalis trying to help themselves?"


  1. Seems to me that there was a movie made about the last time we tried to help Somalia.....

  2. Gary Stringer11:51 AM

    As a UK resident I feel that this is definitely a waste of time and money, the amount spent in foreign aid for Somalia and the time the government have spent trying to solve the problem could have been better spent. With all our previous efforts to tackle piracy failing, why do they feel that this will be any different??

  3. Gary Stringer6:21 AM

    The day before the conference David Cameron has given this interview stating his concerns and priorities, it's quite interesting...