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Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Fun Film: "The Small Boat Navy"

Raymond Burr narrates the story of river warfare and coastal surveillance in an earlier war:

Everything old is new again.


  1. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Good to see this one again, especially since most people’s impression of the Riverines derives from “Apocalypse Now” , which has a tenuous relationship to the real thing, at best. The movie gives impression that a lot of these men were draftees, whereas they were all volunteers.
    It still surprises me just how many of the men that appear in the film I knew at various points in my career.


  2. As a Brownwater Navy vet of TF-116 I HATE the impression given in the that movie. And as a sailor in RivDiv 513 I am insulted that those idiots were wearing MY shoulder patch. We did NOTHING like was portrayed on the rivers in that movie.

    I kind of snap when I mention river boats and someone mentions that movie, sorry~

    1. When did you serve in RivDiv 513? I was there in '70

  3. Anonymous8:02 AM

    I served with a lot of guys that had been in TF-115, 116, 117, COSRIVRON5 and various other levels of the MRF. One of the reasons I'm glad to see the documentary since "Appocalypse gives such a terribly distorted picture of the force.