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Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Fun Film: Operation Deep Freeze (1957)

Exploring Antarctica . . . the logistics force supporting the effort:
Operation Deep Freeze was a massive scientific expedition to Antarctica which began in 1955.

Some of us remember when the U.S. Navy had ice breakers. And AOGs and YOGs.

I wonder what the environmental impact statement would look like today . . .


  1. Truly cool.I was (the last) CO of USS Elkhorn (AOG-7), and she had reinforced plating around her bow to support Antarctic operations.We spent all of our time in much warmer waters--mostly in WestPac. Fond memories.

  2. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Cool film, wish we still did this sort of thing more often. Can't say I mourn the loss of aviation gas in the fleet, mighty touchy stuff, compared with JP.

    This film got me wondering, after seeing a really silly TV show claiming that the earlier High Jump expedition left Bay of Whales because of battles with NAZIs and UFOs. Looked around Youtube and found a 90 minute Navy film about High Jump, which is pretty good, one can see how they applied lessons learned from the earlier operation to the various Deep Freezes.