Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Battle of Midway 4 to 7 June 1942

Dive Bombing Japanese Carriers
Griffith Baily Coale
Excellent source of information at the Naval History and Heritage Command's site The Battle of Midway:
Nimitz clearly possessed tremendous faith in his subordinates, who were nevertheless guided by very clear instructions. His principle of calculated risk is, perhaps, his most brilliant contribution to the battle, in that it precisely and economically conveyed his intentions to his task force commanders. There was no doubt about what they were supposed to do, how they were supposed to do it, and what level of risk was acceptable. Nimitz’s operations plan for the defense of Midway is a model for effective macro-management, spelling out essential tasks in general terms, with a minimum of detail-specific requirements. Nimitz’s plan for the Battle of Midway avoided long-range micro-management and allowed the commanders on the battlefield to make key operational and tactical decisions.

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