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Home Plate

Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday Reading

Fred hits 100 with Maritime Monday 100 by Fred Fry at gCaptain.com. Congrats, Fred! And to your lucky readers, who get to find all sorts of maritime news all gathered in one spot...keep up the good work!

Salamander looks at the words of retired (some say fired) general Wes Clark as e pokes his nose into the political fray. Wes, you may recall has tried politics before. I don't remember him making comments about John Kerry's military experience being based on a few months service in the Navy in the rank of Lieutenant and below. It should also be remembered that McCain grew up in an admiral's family and that he retired as a Navy captain prior to going political. Hilary? I don't think treating troops as servants counts much in the leadership of troops matter.

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