Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Reading

Fred Fry has posted Maritime Monday 103 at gCaptain.com - a look at a Spanish shipping company and a week's worth of other worthwhile maritime links, including a link to a U.S. Coast Guard capture of a drug running near submarine here.

Steeljaw Scribe has a guest reporter with a report on a wildlife rescue at sea, which reminded me of a tale of another wayfarer rescue (second story, scroll down)from over 40 years ago...

Xformed's Monday Maritime Matters with the story of a brave chaplain and the ship named for him.

Bob and Ray as proof our intel ops have a sense of humor...

Murdoc with a tongue in cheek headline. You know, if we quit subsidizing ethanol, we could free up some money for those haze gray thingies...

Speaking of which, Galrahn finds a sea base off Libeia.

John Rosenthal catches the U.S. Department assisting the Iranians here.

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