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Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Reading

Fred Fry's Maritime Monday 104 with pictures of a Russian shipyard including a ship built for the Iranians and a host of links to amuse you until next Monday. Also visit for more good nautical stuff.

A must read at FbL's Disturbing, showing the effects of years of brainwashing about psycho veterans on the innocents who can't seem to keep in mind who the really dangerous people are.

Betsy Newmark took a school group to Gettysburg and has some recommendations. One of my own suggestions is to remind Americans that it is okay to honor heroes who fought bravely - and anyone who has seen the path that Pickett's charge took knows that there were some brave men charging and brave men defending. I guess, when it was over, no one worried about psycho Civil War vets...

Xformed on USS Gary and the sailor for whom she was named here in Maritime Monday 39.

Commander Salamander is revisiting the new Sea Service Maritime Strategy, as are Steeljaw Scribe and Galrahn at Information Dissemination. I, too, am working on a post in my usual Michener-esque plodding way ("first the earth cooled, then..."). Remember that Steeljaw had one of the men behind the drafting as a guest blogger and that the writers all come from different areas of expertise - I think it's a great way to examine what the new strategy means. And, trust me, it's not "inside baseball."

Somehow I just don't think Pinch is fond of the Transportation Security Administration.

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