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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stolen Valor: Stolen Money

Reported as Clayton man faked war service:
While thousands of injured soldiers were returning from combat, a Clayton man was bilking the government of more than $18,000 in claims for service-related injuries he never received, according to a federal jury in Virginia.

Randall A. Moneymaker, 44, who also has said he lives in Roanoke, Va., was convicted Tuesday in Roanoke on federal charges that he defrauded the government by lying about his military service and submitting false documents to support the lies.

Moneymaker's claims that he had seen combat in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Panama, Grenada and other locations were refuted by the government, which produced tax returns for civilian jobs Moneymaker held during times he said he was out of the country.

At one point, prosecutors argued in court that shrapnel scars Moneymaker claimed to have on his back were actually surgical scars from liposuction.

"This defendant attempted to defraud the men and women who serve and protect our freedom," U.S. Attorney John L. Brownlee said after a jury found Moneymaker guilty.

Brian McGinn, spokesman for Brownlee's office in western Virginia, said Moneymaker did serve in the reserves from 1981 to 1982, and he was on active duty in the Army from 1983 to 1985 before receiving a general discharge.

McGinn said there was no evidence Moneymaker had ever left the country during his service or that he was injured.
There ought to be a special wing at Leavenworth for these fakes...

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