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Good Company

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Reading

CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday about Observation Squadron 67 getting some belated recognition for some brave work.

Steeljaw Scribe wishes a happy retirement to Lex, who slipped quietly out the back door yesterday. One door closes and another opens, Lex. Thanks for all the time you spent keeping us safe and training new guys to keep us safe. Lex chose a couple of poems to mark the occasion (as well as some lovely Guinness, for medicinal purposes). John of Argghhh!!!! has a lovely retirement post

The feeling the day you retire after an adult lifetime of doing Navy stuff leaves a large void before the rest of you life kicks in, and I always thought the pre-retirement scene from the movie She Wore a Yellow Ribbon sums it up:
Abby Allshard: [Capt. Brittles is retiring after tonight] Where will you go, Nathan?
Captain Nathan Brittles: Oh, West, I guess, Abby... California... new settlements.
Captain Nathan Brittles: [to Olivia] "Old soldiers...", Miss Dandridge... hah! Someday you'll learn how they hate to give up. Captain of the troop one day: every man's face turned towards you; lieutenants jump when I growl! Now, tomorrow, I'll be glad if a blacksmith asks me to shoe a horse.
[he leaves]
Best wishes, Lex. And keep on writing.

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