Thursday, May 22, 2008

Somali Pirates: "Sugar Ship" Was "Carrying Arms"

The Somali pirates who have captured the M/V Victoria now claim it was an arms transport as reported here:
Somalia pirates who hijacked a Jordanian vessel last weekend now claim that it is carrying arms to Somalia and must be opened to verify its cargo.
"The latest allegations by the hijackers will force the owner of the vessel to open it to verify its cargo," said Mr Mwangura, noting that it is not possible to open the ship at this time because of the prevailing weather conditions.

"The sea is rough at the moment and we may have to wait until August when the sea calms down for the cargo to be verified... the situation at the moment is complicated and we are asking the international community to help in resolving the crisis," Mr Mwangura said.

He urged the Kenyan Government to stop transacting businesses with Somalia as a strategy to reduce piracy.

"The Kenyan Government should stop illegal fishing in Somalia and the transportation of miraa in order to reduce piracy.
As I have noted many times, some Somali pirates claim to be a quasi coast guard, protecting Somalia's territorial and EEZ rights.

Update: Fixed the gremlin-induced title typo.

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