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Good Company
Good Company

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekend Reading

Steeljaw Scribe sets the table for the Battle of Midway with Prelude to Midway - US Carrier-based Air, 27 May 1942- Prelude to Midway,28 ay 1942- Prelude to Midway, 29-30 May 1942-Prelude to Midway.

CDR Salamander joins in the Midway posting with Fullbore Friday: The Japanese side.

Spook86 finds some scary slow learners at Minot AFB, with more here. May the ghost of General LeMay haunt them, because he would have kept firing people until he found somebody who could get the job done...

Diplomad looks at the country of Columbia in Columbia: The Forgotten Ally.

Galrahn has a bunch of interesting posts, just wander over there and browse. I dunno about the idea of "Canadian pirate fighters," though getting the Chinese involved. Just seems like there are enough issues over sea power in the area without inviting another wolf in to play. Bring back the parachuting French admiral instead.

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