Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Ship History: Mother Ships

It's Mother's Day and this will be a short post because the topic is short. The question to be answered is, "How many currently commissioned U.S. Navy ships are named after women who were mothers?"

Wikipedia has a long list of Navy ships named after women here, but to my knowledge, only USS Roosevelt (DDG-80) is currently the only active Navy ship named after women who was a mother - Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. Even this distinction requires some explanation in that the ship was co-named for her husband, former undersecretary of the Navy and president of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt. She bore six children, five of whom survived childhood.

I should point out that there are some USNS ships named after women, at least one of whom was a mother - Sacagawea. See here.

Let me know if you are aware of any other "mother" ships. In the meantime, Happy Mother's Day!

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