Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hail to the Chief!

Once again John of Argghhh! gets the great Navy story, as in an honor not lightly bestowed - the story of a Navy Chief Petty Officer as set out here.

Congratulations, Chief Eberhart! And God Bless you and yours...

And thanks to all the Chiefs who made this happen as only Chiefs can...

More on the story here:
Following the ceremony, Eberhart received a personal phone call from the MCPON who congratulated him on his monumental achievement.

"It is my privilege to welcome you to the chiefs mess. You have exemplified the guiding principles of a chief petty officer. Your courage and commitment to our Sailors and our Navy has inspired all of us," said Campa.

"Having the MCPON call me and tell me I'm a chief petty officer in the Navy is amazing and is something I will never forget," said Eberhart.

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