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Friday, May 02, 2008

Somali Pirates: In front of Security Council

Fighting pirates while observing the sovereign rights of Somalia? The matter is to be looked at by the U.N. UN Security Council:
The United Nations Security Council is scheduled to discuss possible authorization of states to act against pirates off the Somali coasts, where piracy acts have increased against passenger ships and tankers, the United States said Monday.

A draft resolution written by Britain, the United States, Panama and France was submitted to the 15-nation council, which would authorize states to cooperate with Somalia's provisional government for an initial six months to fight acts of piracy.

Under the proposal, such states could use their naval vessels and aircraft to enter Somalia's territorial waters 'for the purposes of identifying and pursuing pirates and armed robberies and of deterring, preventing and suppressing acts of piracy and armed robbery at sea, in a manner consistent with such action permitted on the high seas with respect to piracy under relevant international law.'

The draft would allow states cooperating with Somalia to use 'all necessary means' to identify, deter, prevent and repress acts of piracy.

It would allow relevant states to cooperate and determine ways to ensure the detention, investigation and prosecution of persons responsible for acts of piracy.
Now, which foreign force will drive poachers out of Somalia's exclsuive fishing grounds?

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